It’s Time to Take Back Your Union

Our union needs cleaning up. Your General Secretary should be focused on jobs, pay, skills and defending Unite members.

Vote Gerard Coyne for General Secretary of Unite - look for your ballot pack now and vote by April 14.

Vote by April 14th

Unite members' money should not be used to buy luxury apartments for the General Secretary

Cleaning up Unite

Your union takes more than £150 million of subscription money from members every year. I do not believe there is enough openness about how your money is spent. You deserve better, so I will give members like you oversight of Unite’s finances.

Vote Gerard Coyne now and clean up Unite.

Gerard's plan for a better Unite

Value for Money

Under the current leadership of Unite you have faced year-on-year increases, but have you seen more in return for your money?

As General secretary, I will freeze your membership subscription rate for two years. I will introduce Family Membership of Unite to build our movement and improve your value for money. I will also re-introduce honorary membership for retired members with long service, reversing the introduction of charges by the current leadership.

A Stronger Union

I will build a stronger, more effective union – not waste time playing Westminster politics.

My first priority every day as General Secretary will be to protect and improve your terms and conditions. Our current leader spends too much of his time – and your money – playing at Westminster politics.

Why Gerard Coyne is standing

The world of work is changing fast and Unite the Union needs a fresh start, with new ideas and better leadership

I will clean up Unite and put the real needs of union members first – jobs, pay, skills and defending you at work.

I have spent my working life on the frontline of our union, winning deals for our members. I’ve led Unite in the West Midlands for over 15 years, now I want to change our union as your new General Secretary.

If you vote Gerard Coyne and elect me, all my focus will be on you, the members of our union. Our current general secretary Len McCluskey has other priorities.

Just last year, Unite put £417,000 into a luxury London apartment for his personal use. Under him Unite gave Jeremy Corbyn £225,000 for his leadership campaigns.

If you elect me this will all stop. Instead I will freeze your membership fees for two years, launch family membership to protect your loved ones, restore honorary membership for long-standing pensioner members, put the real needs of our members first – jobs, pay, skills and defending you at work – not playing political games with your hard-earned money.

Look out for your ballot pack, which should have arrived by now. Don't throw it away. Please vote today, and post your ballot in the freepost envelope straight away.

Vote Gerard Coyne for General Secretary and take back your union.

Gerard Coyne

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