Gerard's Manifesto - A vision for our union

It’s Time to Take Back Your Union - Support Gerard Coyne For General Secretary

We need strong trade unions because these are tough times, and I want our members to be safe, secure and treated fairly. That’s what we should focus on as a union. That’s why I’m standing. But our current leader has been more concerned with playing Westminster politics than the bread and butter issues affecting you. Our union needs cleaning up, and our General Secretary should be focused on the right job: protecting and defending Unite members.

The world of work is changing fast. We are seeing the rise of insecure, poorly paid employment and a technological revolution that is transforming every workplace. Unite the Union needs to become much better at recruiting and organising in the modern economy, with a much stronger focus on skills and training to support good jobs and higher wages. I want to change our union so it is stronger, smarter and more effective.

I have been at the frontline of the union movement my entire working life. I have spent 28 years in the service of the union and have led Unite in the West Midlands for more than 15 years. I have negotiated with countless employers and protected tens of thousands of jobs. Now I want to do even more for you as General Secretary.

I will stand up for you, the members, and give you honest and effective leadership.

I will give you better value for your hard-earned membership money, starting with a two year freeze on subscription rates.

I will clean up our union, let in the sunlight, and bring real transparency to Unite’s finances.

It’s time to take back your union!


Gerard Coyne


My Commitments To You

I will build a stronger, more effective union – not waste time playing Westminster politics

I will freeze your membership subscriptions and give you better value for your money

I will make skills, training and apprenticeships a top priority for Unite

I will clean up Unite and put power back in your hands

I will put equality and openness at the heart of Unite with no tolerance of bullying or discrimination

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